Free LIVE Webinar for: Coaches, Consultants, Counselors, Advisers, Practitioners, Contractors, etc
or anyone who sells services 1-on-1 or by phone...

"Get Booked Solid With High Paying Clients"

In Just 90 Minutes I’ll Teach You
How To Sell Your Services In Just ONE Conversation...
WITHOUT Hard Selling, Sleazy Sales Tactics, Cold Calls, Ads, Launches, SEO, Long-Term Marketing or Giving Away All Your Time

Todd Sedelmeier

Dear friend,

You’re invited to my free LIVE training on Tuesday, Oct 30th @ 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific, 11pm GMT)

During the "Sales Without Selling" training event, you will learn:

  • A no-pressure, simple 7–step process to turn prospects into clients in a SINGLE conversation
  • How I earned an extra $48,350 in the past 4 months from new clients - while working part time, using just my laptop and skype phone - and living on a beach in the Caribbean ocean
  • Exactly how to get paid what you're really worth AND keep clients longer because they'll see MUCH more value
    (their only question about price will be what method of payment to use).
  •  Discover WHY PEOPLE BUY and how to quickly and ethically build their trust, demonstrate your value and credibility (and not lose the sale by trying to 'convince' them)
  • How to avoid the same costly MYTHS & MISTAKES that keep people who sell services
    flat broke… (Hint: it’s the exact opposite of what most people are doing).
  • A powerful, heart-centered way to talk with prospects that naturally leads to them becoming
    a new client that dayWITHOUT sleazy sales tactics, manipulation or hype (like so many others do)
  • How you can be earning a 6-figure income while working less (just weeks from now)
  • How to quickly get past the fear, procrastination and insecurity about offering your services
Actually, there’s a lot more in this training and it’s absolutely free.

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I won't waste your time. This LIVE training is significantly more practical and valuable than what other 'gurus' charge you thousands for… even though it’s free.

REMEMBER: Every minute you are not selling effectively, or charging too little, or not getting longer-term clients… you are LOSING MONEY and missing opportunities to change lives and improve the world.

It’s also LIVE and replay recordings will not be available.

So, claim your spot and register now using the form, and we'll talk on Tuesday, Oct 30th @ 7pm Eastern (4 pacific, 11pm GMT)

See you on the webinar,

~ Todd Sedelmeier
Creator of:
“Sales Without Selling” training course

"Booked Solid Without Selling"
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PS - This event is specifically for you IF you sell your own services 1-on-1 or by phone, such as:
Coaches, Consultants, Counselors, Advisers, Practitioners, Contractors, etc.

I'm going to teach you my unique, 7-step process for getting a new client in just ONE conversation...
WITHOUT sleazy tactics, manipulation or hype.